Sunday, April 19, 2009

Airline, Shm-Airline (Post #1)

My job is truly a "hot and cold" situation when your talking about the work load. Depending on the season or the weather, It can be overwhelming or a breeze to do. At my station in LaGuardia Airport, the agents have their work duties rotated on a day to day bases. One day an agent might be assigned baggage duties and another day it might be gate management. The team I work with usually gets along. We might bicker with each other here and there, but we mostly get the job done. Our manager is kind of uptight, but I get along with him overall. I owe him a lot for all the guidance he's given me over the years I've worked with him. It's freaking hilarious when we start ripping on each other about our styles in clothing or our haircuts. When we have heated discussion on job performance, my female coworkers just role their eyes and sit back and watch the show. I do have a huge preference as to who I would rather work with. It's not to say I don't like the other agents, it's just that I'm so use to working with my lovely ladies Kathleen and Christine. They have been at airport for so long, it's easy to work with them, plus it's so much fun to make them laugh at some crazy story involving me. I wouldn't change much at the station. Maybe just a few job condition, seats at the counter would be awesome or a working climate control. I would want some soft mats to stand on, just to ease the stress on every one's feet. Guess you could just chalk those items on being cost effective in a highly competitive airline industry. Still, this job has been a experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It's a love and hate relationship with me. So much stress yet so much comfort, hmm, It's an oxymoron of job.....

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